Paper about branding


Brand association and recognition very important factors that make and shape consumer behavior. Buying decision is prompted by what consumers are inclined to think as good and really a need to satisfy their urge to buy. If a product is able to give utility and good satisfying capacity then the product influences the consumer buying behavior. Consumers often go through six stages before buying a product. The most important stage is the information search.  Consumer tries to get a host of competitive information before selecting a product. This is the most important reason why marketers give most information about a product and its brand.

The consumer buying behavior is also based on the alternatives the are available for purchasing a product.  The purchase decision is very clearly influenced by many characteristics of product price and promotion which makes it the most valid issue while buying.  Consumers also evaluate their post purchase decision. This leads to recurrent consumer behavior.

The consumer buying behavior is a very important characteristic trait of marketers designing their 4 P’s.  Every aspect of consumer behavior goes in building brands. Firms study their consumer behavior to sustain in the market. Typically a consumer exhibits sometimes high personal involvement in the product when the product s very expensive and sometimes shows least involvement in buying like in the case of everyday regular purchases.


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